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Über uns - COSTHETIC

Who We Are.

Costhetic – organic hair essentials.

Costhetic - organic hair essentials. As a Stuttgart-based start-up, we offer innovative cosmetic treatments and proprietary hair care formulations on a purely plant-based basis. Our hair & eyebrow treatments are performed gently with a needling device and are suitable for women and men suffering from thinning or falling out eyebrows or hair.
Costhetic has been around since 2018. My husband, Thomas Bryant and I, Dilan Bryant, are the founders of Costhetic. I, Dilan, come from the medical field and work as a study coordinator at the Katharinen Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany. After suffering from psoriasis on the scalp, for a long time in the past and various cortisone treatments that did not help, I decided to develop my own product that would help me in the long run.
Then in 2019, after several months of testing and after close exchanges with doctors and chemists, we launched our own skincare serum - Costhetic Hair & Brow Growth Serum. At the same time, we investigated the topic of "eyebrow problems" and came across the "Vitamin Brows" treatment. After our Costhetic Brows treatment became a complete success, we extended the treatment to the head hair as well - and it works. The Costhetic Hair treatment now helps many of our clients fight hair loss. The secret of success remains our Cth. Hair & Brow Growth Serum. We use it for our Costhetic Hair and Brow treatments and recommend our Costhetic care oil to everyone for regular home care.

Our secret - The Costhetic Hair & Brow Growth Serum.

In our special treatments we work with our specially developed serum, the Costhetic Hair & Brow Growth Serum. A highly effective serum based on a variety of pure vegetable oils. This unique ingredient complex of minerals, vitamins and important enzymes stimulates hair growth - for hair that looks thicker, stronger and healthier. Our vegan serum consists of pure essential oils and is therefore free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, PEG solutions and microplastics. Essential oils strengthen weak and thinning hair, nourishing and stimulating hair follicles to support hair growth. Our Cth. Growth Serum stimulates cell activity in the hair roots and accelerates the growth of hair and eyebrows. It simultaneously supports the formation of stable and strong hair.

We repair/fix your Brows!!

Our goal is to repair/fix the damaged hair roots by strengthening the eyebrows from the root, repairing and strengthening them with the Costhetic Brows method. We also treat clients who have already had microblading treatments and therefore suffer from redness or scarring. We have already helped many clients with our method. As we work pure herbal ingredients into the skin during the Costhetic treatment, the color pigments of the microblading treatment simply dissolve and the clients do not have to be afraid of skin burns. What are the advantages of the Costhetic Brows method? Stagnation of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, development of new hair roots, increase in eyebrow thickness and accelerated eyebrow growth.

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