Here you can find out everything you need to know about our hair mask and why hair masks are so important for your hair. We spent over 1 year developing and producing our Cth. Hair Mask worked to give you the best possible result. Now it is finally available in our online shop.

For a long time we have been toying with the idea of ​​expanding our product line to offer you and your hair even more healthy care. It was our goal to develop a product that is free of substances that are harmful to your hair.

In summer it's the sun, in winter the heating air, then the strict tying back and intensive styling with straightening irons, curling irons, etc. - all of this takes a toll on your hair. Between environmental influences and genetic hair problems, keeping your hair healthy can be a real challenge.

And we want to help you with our hair mask! What makes our hair mask so special? ⬇

INGREDIENTS & SPECIAL FEATURES Our hair mask contains black oats and Indian lotus flower extract. Various vitamins, such as provitamin B5, provide moisture and make your hair combable, supple and soft and give it volume and shine. The lotus blossom extract not only provides a fresh scent, it also wraps your hair in a protective layer that stores moisture. The hair mask is suitable for all hair types and also for colored hair, keratin-treated hair and chemically treated hair.

 ❌ Free from:
 artificial colorants
 animal testing
 Vegan 🌱
 Made in Germany

 Hair Mask Benefits:
 ✨ Vitamin intake
 ✨ Nutrient and mineral intake
 ✨ Reduce split ends
 ✨ Repair hair structure
 ✨ Prevent hair damage
 ✨ adds shine
 ✨ provides moisture
 ✨ beautiful and healthy hair

Due to various environmental influences and genetic hair problems, it can be difficult to keep hair healthy. With a good hair mask you can prevent hair damage and repair the hair.

 There are more and more shampoos, hair soaps and conditioners that promise to keep the hair vital. But all of these products have one major flaw. They really only look superficial. This means their active ingredients do not penetrate into the interior of the hair. This is different with hair masks and hair treatments. Especially damaged hair can really benefit from these care products. But you can also protect healthy hair from damage with a regular hair mask.
Many also do not know that shampoo cleans the hair, but at the same time robs the hair of important minerals. The shampoo opens the pores of the hair surface and widens them. The foam penetrates and washes away dirt. Important minerals are washed out of the hair. A conditioner closes the hair surface without important minerals being replenished.

 You use the hair mask between the shampoo and the conditioner. The sulfur bridges inside the hair are stabilized and restored to keep your hair healthy - and looking healthy. To do this, leave the hair mask on for about 10 minutes so that the vitamins and minerals can penetrate. You should use the mask 1-2 times a week to avoid over-treating your hair.
 Conclusion: The Cth. Hair mask works deeper than a conditioner and provides your hair with important minerals. The hair mask repairs brittle areas in the hair and cares for the inside of the hair. 
Our tip 💡 The hair mask is particularly effective if it can work under heat, so it penetrates the hair layer better.
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