About Costhetic

What is Costhetic?

We love naturalness! Back to Natural is our motto! We offer you special
Treatment methods that stimulate your natural hair growth and true miracles
The treatments are carried out with a needling device and are suitable for everyone
who suffer from thinning or falling out eyebrows. For care and
Strengthening of the eyebrows we use our specially developed for the treatment

Our miracle oil:
Costhetic stands for naturalness. That is why our care serum consists exclusively of
plant-based ingredients, it's cruelty-free and it's vegan! The serum will
ours are worked into your top layer of skin and also after the treatment
Applied to your eyebrows and scalp. You can also use it for daily care
use – in addition to treatment or just like that.

Cosmetic Brows:
You want full & natural eyebrows? We give them back to you! Many of our customers
suffer from falling out or thinning eyebrows. Often the brows
tangled or damaged from previous treatments. The hairs grow too
just not after the time. But with our COSTHETIC BROWS TREATMENT
we found a way to help you.
Our goal is to repair the damaged hair roots by using the
Costhetic Brows method strengthens, repairs and strengthens the eyebrows from the root
strengthen. We channel our Costhetic Growth Serum through with our needling device
fine needle pricks in your top layer of skin. This is how we stimulate natural growth
your eyebrows again.

Cosmetic Hair:
You're already asking yourself, "And what about the hair on your head?" Also with hair loss or thinning
growing hair we can offer you our help! We treat with our
Costhetic Growth Serum also customers who dream of full and healthy hair. You
have you tried everything? Special shampoos, vitamin treatments etc. and nothing has
helped? That's where we come in! Lock in our COSTHETIC HAIR TREATMENT
we insert our care serum into the top layer of skin with small needle pricks and
reactivate your natural hair growth.

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