Eyebrow Vitamin Treatment –COSTHETIC


How does it all work?

The Costhetic Serum, which consists of plant vitamins, is injected into the eyebrows with the help of micro needles. The treatment ensures that the serum gets under the skin surface and to the hair roots. The "injury" to the skin stimulates blood circulation and, in combination with the vitamins, cell renewal is stimulated and the hair follicles are strengthened.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

We at Costhetic have been gaining extensive experience for 3 years and during this time we have learned that the Costhetic treatments are suitable for everyone. We compare the topic with a facial treatment. A person with clear skin may not go to the beautician very often. In contrast to a person who has impure skin. But even people with clear skin should have their skin rid of impurities by a beautician from time to time. The same goes for eyebrows. To keep the brows healthy and strong, we recommend everyone the Costhetic Brows treatment and care with our Costhetic Hair & Brow Growth Serum.

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