Here you can find out everything about our CostheticHair treatment. What it does, how it works, who it is suitable for and how many treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. ✨


First and foremost, the treatment should ensure that hair loss is stopped or slowly thinning & brittle hair becomes fuller again. Our Cth. Hair & Brow Growth Serum, which we inject into your top layer of skin, provides your hair follicles with important vitamins and nutrients. This reactivates growth cells and promotes hair growth. The required composition in our 100% natural Cth. Hair & Brow Growth Serum, is essential for the treatment.

The treatment aims to stimulate the growth and strengthening of your hair again and offers a good and safe alternative to hair transplantation. In addition, the treatment makes your hair look healthier and fuller because your hair structure is strengthened from the inside.

In addition, the Cth. Hair treatment as deep cleansing. The aim is to renew the stressed scalp. The blood circulation is stimulated and dead skin cells, sebum and dirt are removed. This means we not only help customers who suffer from hair loss, but also customers who want to get rid of the deposits of harmful care products. The deep cleansing helps the scalp flora to regain its balance.

Due to the homeopathic active ingredients, disorders of the scalp such as dandruff or seborrhea (overproduction of fat in the sebaceous glands) can be treated at the same time. The treatment also prevents dandruff - regardless of whether it is dry or greasy dandruff.

If you want to learn more about scalp care, scalp flora and dandruff, we recommend our blog posts Scalp Microbiome and Dandruff? What you can do about it.


We offer every customer an initial non-binding consultation to explain the treatment options. If you decide to have a treatment, we will conduct a medical survey prior to the treatment in order to provide you with long-term help. In this way we can offer you the best possible result and rule out possible side effects and allergic reactions/intolerances.

We use a needling device and our famous Costhetic Hair & Brow Growth Serum for the treatment. With our needling device, we inject the serum into your top layer of skin with fine and careful needle pricks. The whole scalp is treated step by step. The active ingredient is distributed over the entire scalp hair area via diffusion processes.

The active ingredients stimulate and regenerate the hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation and promote the supply of vital substances. In this way, hair loss is slowed down, hair quality improved and - if the hair roots are still present - renewed and sustained growth is promoted.


Generally, anyone can undergo our treatment. The treatment is harmless and we conduct a detailed consultation with each customer before we carry out the treatment. Hair loss can happen for many different reasons, so it's important for us to understand what your problem might be in order to offer you the best possible outcome. Because in addition to the treatment, we give you tips and advice along the way. A change in everyday life, for example in diet, is often necessary to combat the causes of hair loss or thinning hair. Treatment alone will not always be enough.

In addition, the treatment is suitable for everyone as a regular deep cleansing - regardless of hair loss etc. In order to free the scalp from residues, you should regularly carry out a deep cleansing of the scalp. We recommend our treatment for this, because it is also a deep cleansing for your scalp. The blood circulation is stimulated & dead skin cells are removed - this helps the scalp flora to regain its balance. The treatment is therefore also suitable for customers who do not specifically suffer from hair loss - as additional care and care for the scalp to prevent dandruff, hair loss, etc.

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