Reasons for eyebrow loss

Why are eyebrows falling out?

There are many different reasons for this – we would like to discuss a few here.


Stress or psychological problems can lead to hair loss. If you are permanently under stress, your body constantly releases adrenaline - the hormone balance is thrown out of balance so quickly. This also applies to permanent fears and emotional grief. The hair roots are no longer optimally supplied and the body stops the formation of new hair for the time being. Everyday stress, which may seem “normal” to us, can also lead to the loss of eyebrow hairs. So keep calm & stay positive. 😉

Microblading & PMU.

Customers often come to us who have had microblading treatment in the past and are therefore suffering from reddening or scarring. There the hairs hardly grow back or not at all. Permanent make-up treatments can also lead to hairs not growing back. We have already helped many customers with our method.

Since we mechanically work purely plant-based ingredients into the skin during the treatment, the color pigments of the microblading treatment even dissolve. Customers do not have to be afraid of skin burns.

What happens during PMU treatment?
It is a tattoo in which colored pigments are pierced into the skin. The color is broken down by the body over time, ultimately leaving a purplish-greenish tint. So the treatment has to be repeated. Repeated piercing of the skin leads to scarring. The skin is then no longer able to absorb further color pigments. Thus, any further treatment is harmful and not effective.

What happens during microblading?
Color pigments are scratched into the skin with “mini cuts”, as the name suggests. If you do it well and cleanly, not much happens. The skin heals quickly and the result usually remains beautiful. But the treatment has to be repeated because the skin breaks down color pigments. If the work is not done properly, the skin will be cut too deeply. At first you don't realize what can happen. But after the cuts heal, the pigments migrate to the derma layer of the skin. The drawn lines thicken or blur under the skin. What remains are scarred eyebrows, discolouration and the little hairs fall out.

As more and more women suffer from the consequences of PMU & bad microblading treatments, we offer the natural & healthy alternative for this. Check out our Cth. Brows treatment offers on our homepage.

Excessive plucking & under-maintenance.

We often forget that our brows, like the hair on our heads, need grooming. Sweat, sebum, make-up residues and residues of eyebrow pencils and co. accumulate under the eyebrows and clog the pores. If these residues are not removed regularly, it can damage the skin & hair and lead to loss. Peelings can help and care with our nourishing Cth. Oil.

A hair here and another one there and hey presto, it's already happened! The eyebrows are plucked! Who does not know that! But don't panic!
With the Cth. Treatment and our care O^ l we can help your eyebrows!

Mineral deficiency & wrong diet.

A common reason for hair loss is a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. The following 7 vitamins and minerals are very important for healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss. Biotin (vitamin B8), folic acid (vitamin B11), selenium, zinc, iron, vitamins from the B group, vitamin A.

It is often not known whether you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, so if you have hair loss you should have a blood test done by your doctor.

Taking supplements could help stimulate hair growth if the missing vitamins & minerals are not being adequately absorbed through the diet. Basically, a healthy, balanced and vitamin-rich diet is important because it affects hair growth and hair health.


Around three months after having a baby, many mothers report hair loss. This is due to the rapid drop in estrogen levels after childbirth. Similar to stopping the birth control pill, the hair is pushed from the growth stage to the resting and shedding stage.

Exactly in such cases, the Costhetic Hair treatment helps. It is important to carry out the treatment three to four months after the birth. The treatment can even be carried out during breastfeeding. The treatment has no effect on the child and it detoxifies the scalp and stimulates blood circulation, thus significantly slowing down hair loss.

increasing age.

With increasing age, the eyebrows become thinner and thinner. This is because, over time, the hair follicles stop making new cells on their own. This makes the individual hairs finer. In addition, they lose their color. If you notice that your hair is also getting lighter and thinner, then you should start grooming your eyebrows on a daily basis. For this we recommend the Cth. care serum. We offer the Cth. Brow's treatment.

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