What to do against eyebrow loss?

Why do I actually have to care for my eyebrows and how do I care for them properly?


In our last blog post EYEBROW LOSS, you can read about the various reasons for eyebrow fall out. But what can you do about it? We'll show you that in this post.


First of all, it is important that we regularly groom our eyebrows, just like our scalp hair. We often forget that, but they keep water, sweat and dirt away from the eyes - and are therefore very similar to eyelashes in their function.

In addition, make-up residue, dirt and sebum collect under the brows. So what is the best way to take care of your eyebrows at home? Here are a few tips:

1. MAKE-UP REMOVING This keeps the exits of the hair follicles clean and there are no clogged pores, impurities or skin irritations.

2.CTH. CARE OILDry skin under the brows? This can happen very quickly after cleaning, so we recommend cleaning the eyebrows with the Cth. maintenance oil to maintain. 💧

3. PEELINGWe recommend regular eyebrow peeling. Depending on the hair structure and thickness of the hairs, you should do a light peeling for your eyebrows about every 4 days. Exfoliate carefully and gently and if individual eyebrow hairs fall out, don't panic - these would have fallen out anyway, as they are in the phase of loss, which in turn encourages new hairs to grow back with the right care. What kind of peeling is best? We recommend homemade peelings. Eg honey + sugar / coconut oil + sugar /


Very often, a vitamin deficiency is related to hair loss. You often don't know whether you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, so if your hair loss persists, you should have a blood test done by your doctor.

But first, you can make sure you're getting enough of the following 7 vitamins and minerals. They are very important for healthy hair growth and prevention of hair loss: biotin (vitamin B8), folic acid (vitamin B11), selenium, zinc, iron, vitamins from the B group, vitamin A.

Taking supplements could help stimulate hair growth if the missing vitamins & minerals are not adequately absorbed through the diet or if there is a deficiency for other reasons.

Basically, a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins is very important, because it has a significant effect on hair growth and hair health. No food contains all the nutrients you need. So if you eat a varied diet, you provide the body with optimal care and quickly feel the positive changes in the body. A combination of low-energy and nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and whole grain products is ideal.🥑🌾


Avoid plucking your brows on dry skin. Otherwise red spots will form on the skin, which will take some time to disappear. The perfect time to pluck is after the shower. The warm water opens the pores and plucking is less painful.

If you prefer the natural Costhetic Brows look, it's better to pluck a little less, because it's easy to pluck and then usually use eyebrow pencils and the like to even out the plucked areas. This can be stressful for the skin and the hairs grow back slowly or hardly at all.

Don't tug at the magnifying mirror. It also makes small hairs look powerful. This gives us the impression that our eyebrows are much less plucked than they really are and we may pluck them too much.

Don't pluck too often either. This can lead to you plucking your brows smaller and narrower over the long term. You often quickly lose control and think, "Oh, that one hair has to go too" and hey presto you don't like the look anymore. Therefore, you should rather pluck every 1-2 weeks.


If you follow the points mentioned above and have tried them out, but the hairs still fall out, our Costhetic Brows treatment can help.

In most cases, especially injured and scarred skin, it needs more than just care & Co. Previous permanent make-up or microblading treatments can be the reason why no more hairs grow back and even worse, only scarred and discolored areas instead of eyebrows are visible. We save your eyebrows and offer the natural & healthy alternative. The remaining color pigments also disappear after our treatments.

For the care and strengthening of the eyebrows, we use our specially developed Costhetic care serum. It consists of purely plant-based ingredients, is not tested on animals and is vegan. The serum is worked into your top layer of skin with a needling device and continues to be applied to your eyebrows after the treatment.

What are the advantages of the Costhetic Brows method? Stagnation of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, development of new hair roots, increase in eyebrow thickness and accelerated eyebrow growth.

Check out our Cth. Brows treatment offers on our homepage. cosmetic.de

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