scalp microbiome

scalp microbiome

If your hair looks dull, is getting thinner and small scales collect at the roots, it could be because of your scalp - because it is the basis for beautiful and healthy hair. The care is often wrong or neglected - and that can stress the so-called MICROBIOME of the scalp & throw it out of sync. You can find out exactly what that means and how an intact scalp microbiome is related to healthy & beautiful hair. ⬇️

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We all know the intestinal flora and know how important an intact intestinal flora is. The skin flora, on the other hand, is less well known, but it too must be cared for and maintained.
We tend to associate fungi, bacteria & viruses with poor hygiene and diseases. In fact, these play an essential role for our body, because whether in the digestive tract or on the surface of the skin - in our organism there is a whole cosmos of these microorganisms, which together form the so-called microbiome.

They form a kind of invisible protective barrier against external influences and pathogens and ensure that the respective organs function perfectly - provided that the proportion of "good" bacteria predominates.

And the scalp also has such a fragile ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. If this microbiome is intact, then the skin at the hairline is healthy and is protected from environmental influences and "bad" microorganisms.

On our skin, these microorganisms enter into a symbiosis that is beneficial for humans: they form a protective layer for the skin.
To put it simply, a healthy skin flora is characterized by the fact that the "good" or useful skin bacteria are in the majority. These bacteria keep "bad" bacteria at bay that could damage the skin. To maintain the protection provided by the microbiome, the skin supplies the microbes with dead skin cells, sebum, sweat and skin oils. 🦠


The balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria is very important for the microbiome balance. Of course, the positive microorganisms must always predominate. If the negative bacteria gain the upper hand, it disrupts our scalp flora.

Our lifestyle affects the microbiome, as does daily hair care. In particular, residues from products with water-insoluble silicones, for example, which accumulate in the hair and scalp over time, can become a problem. Dirt and dead skin cells also thicken this layer, clogging the pores and preventing the scalp from breathing. If you rarely change your towel and don't let your hair dry properly, you also bring a lot of negative bacteria to your head, which feel particularly comfortable under the towel in the slightly damp, warm climate.

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Studies show that a disruption in the microbiome has a negative impact on the natural immune system of the scalp. In other words, pathogens have an easy time of it. Over time, this can in turn lead to conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis (eczema with yellowish, greasy scales), psoriasis (psoriasis), irritation, rashes, acne or classic dandruff. This also has a negative effect on our hair, because if the scalp – which serves as the breeding ground for the hair follicles – is no longer functional, the hair becomes weaker, more brittle and, in the worst case, can fall out or break.

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Proper and regular care for the scalp microbiome is all the more important, because if you take care of it, you can say goodbye to annoying problems such as dandruff or prevent them.

In order to rid the scalp of residues, you should regularly carry out a deep cleansing of the scalp. Here we recommend our Costhetic Hair Treatment, because it is also a deep cleansing for your scalp. The blood circulation is stimulated & dead skin cells are removed - this helps the scalp flora to regain its balance. The treatment is therefore also suitable for customers who do not specifically suffer from hair loss - as additional care and care for the scalp to prevent dandruff, hair loss, etc.

The scalp should also be pampered with an extra portion of care. Natural oils are ideal, as they moisturize the skin while also soothing and preventing inflammation. Our Costhetic Care‑Oil is ideal for this. It consists of various nutritious and natural oils. Simply massage a few drops into the scalp after washing your hair. This also stimulates blood circulation and the flow of nutrients. (➡️ Cth. Online Shop)

The more aggressive the hair care, the more the scalp microbiome suffers. Therefore, try to avoid products with many chemicals in everyday life. On the other hand, clean, natural shampoos, conditioners and the like that provide mild care and regulate the pH value of the skin are the best choice for care. Extra Plus also offer probiotic care products that are enriched with living microorganisms.

A healthy scalp is not only the result of the right care, but can also be supported from within. A healthy, nutrient-rich diet, for example, sufficient sleep, not smoking and sufficient protection against UV radiation are the optimal prerequisites for an intact microbiome and healthy hair.

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