Microblading & PMU.

Customers often come to us who have had microblading treatment in the past and are therefore suffering from reddening or scarring. There the hairs hardly grow back or not at all. Permanent make-up treatments can also lead to hairs not growing back. We have already helped many customers with our method.
Since we mechanically work purely herbal ingredients into the skin during the treatment, the color pigments of the microblading treatment even dissolve. Customers do not have to be afraid of skin burns.

What happens during PMU treatment?
It is a tattoo in which colored pigments are pierced into the skin. The color is broken down by the body over time, ultimately leaving behind a purplish-greenish tint. So the treatment has to be repeated. Repeated piercing of the skin leads to scarring. The skin is then no longer able to absorb further color pigments. Thus, any further treatment is harmful and not effective.

What happens during microblading?
With "mini cuts", as the name suggests, color pigments are scratched into the skin. If you do it well and cleanly, not much happens. The skin heals quickly and the result usually remains beautiful. But the treatment has to be repeated , as the skin breaks down color pigments. If the work is not done cleanly, the skin is cut too deeply. At first you do not realize what can happen. But after the cuts heal, the pigments migrate into the derma layer of the skin. The drawn lines become thicker or blur under the skin, what remains are scarred eyebrows, discoloration and the hairs fall out.

As more and more women suffer from the consequences of PMU & bad microblading treatments, we offer the natural & healthy alternative. Check out our Cth. Brows treatment offers on our homepage.

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