What does stress do to our hair?

Most of you will know it, you buy new care products because you suffer from hair loss, dandruff or other hair problems. In the end you ask yourself the question, if different products have not achieved the desired effect, whether the cause might have a different origin? Taking care of your skin at home with the right products is very important in my opinion, but there is more to it than just using good products. I like to compare it to exercise, you can't go to the gym every day but you can't change your diet and end up expecting incredible results, and it's the same with hair/eyebrow care.

I've suffered from dandruff for years and I've done everything I can to get rid of it quickly and permanently. So I can speak from my experience here and tell you what has really helped me heard, but maybe didn't take it that seriously. If you suffer from STRESS, you can use whatever you want, it won't help you in the long run and I'll be happy to explain why. Studies show that when we are stressed, stress hormones such as cortisol are released in large amounts to protect our bodies. However, if these stress hormones are released over a longer period of time, this leads to inflammation, excessive sebum production and much more - I always call this a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of. Since cortisol can then also cause sleep disorders and concentration problems, for example.

That's why it's important to take these signals seriously and to be thankful that our body reacts early enough and sends these signals. The secret words are ROUTINES & STRUCTURES. It is very important here to find the balance between good and bad stress in order to lead a healthy lifestyle again.

There is also a study that came to the conclusion that new routines that you go through for 30-60 days are nothing new for your body and are therefore positive stress, such as getting up a little earlier to take some time for yourself before work or doing sports train your body after work and release endorphins. Also a head massage with the Cth. HairScalp Brush helps you relax. A habit tracker helps to keep track of bad and good habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do more of what is good for you. Finally, it's like exercise again: if you don't do it long-term, you won't have long-term results. And to feel comfortable in the long term: that's what we all want. What we can also recommend during this time is the Cth. Treatment to give your scalp a deep cleanse, renew cells and remove old scales. Taking time for yourself is also good.

What you can do at home is using the Cth. care oil. You can do this either with your fingers or the Cth. Massage the HairScalp Brush slowly into the scalp. During the scalp massage, blood circulation is also stimulated and the care product can penetrate the skin better.

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